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2018-12-14 - Swiftec - XMAS Release!
BMW with Bosch MD1 and MG1 are on FOCUS! read more
BLACK FRIDAY, CYBER MONDAY and XMAS Special discount read more
2018-11-12 - Swiftec - Massive release!
Readiness Calibration Module and much more! read more
2018-09-19 - Swiftec
New update is here! read more
2018-08-07 - Swiftec - BMW MD1 / MG1 are ready!
Exclusive solutions for latest generations of BMW ECUs are already here! read more
2018-06-22 - Swiftec
Happy Summer Update! read more
2018-05-10 - Swiftec
New Sport Displays Calibration module is here! read more
Janne (Powerbyte):
"I use Swiftec everyday, and it is really really great. Support is also very good and works normally outside business hours too. Every update including some new functions and if you want to add something just tell and they do it. Keep up good work!"
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2014-01-22 Checksum Update!

Checksum "Hitachi" v1.1 read more

2014-01-22 Checksum Update!

Checksum "Siemens SID Nissan/Renault" v2.2 read more

2014-01-21 Swiftec v1.8.9.7

EDC15 is now supported by DTC Module! read more

2014-01-21 Checksum Update!

Checksum "Bosch EDC16+" v3.3 read more

2014-01-15 New checksum ready!

Checksum "Hitachi" v1.0 read more

2013-12-18 Swiftec v1.8.9.6

Happy Christmas and New Year to all our costumers! read more

2013-12-16 Checksum Update!

Checksum "Siemens SID Nissan/Renault" v2.1 read more

2013-12-09 Checksum Update!

Checksum "IAW 4AF/59F/5AF Euro2-4" v1.9 read more

2013-12-03 Checksum Update!

Checksum "Marelli 6LP" v1.8 read more

2013-12-03 Checksum Update!

Checksum "Siemens VAG Simos" v1.2 read more

2013-12-02 Swiftec v1.8.9.5

Continuous Work! read more

2013-11-29 Checksum Update!

Checksum "Bosch Smart CDI E3" v1.4 read more

2013-11-26 Checksum Update!

Checksum "EFI Lotus" v1.3 read more

2013-11-26 Checksum Update!

"Siemens VAG Simos" v1.1 read more

2013-11-18 Checksum Update!

Checksum "Marelli MJD" v2.0 read more

2013-11-15 Checksum Update!

Checksum "Bosch BMW ME7" v1.3 read more

2013-11-07 Checksum Update!

Checksum "Bosch Opel ME7.6.x/ME7.9.x" v2.3 read more

2013-11-06 Checksum Update!

Checksum "Marelli MJD" v1.9 read more

2013-10-23 Checksum Update!

Checksum "Bosch Volvo CR2" v1.3 read more

2013-10-21 Checksum Update!

Checksum "Siemens MS43" v1.4 read more

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