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2020-11-26 - Service Limitation
Restoration of Independence and Feast of the Immaculate Conception Days! read more
2020-11-26 - Swiftec
Black Friday Release! 260+ Solutions! read more
2020-10-19 - Swiftec
Halloween Release! Check 200+ Solutions! read more
2020-09-21 - Swiftec
200+ New and Updated solutions! read more
2020-08-17 - Swiftec
Happy Summer Release! read more
2020-07-15 - Swiftec
Get more than 200 new and updated solutions! read more
2020-06-02 - Swiftec
Citroen and Peugeot with Delphi DCM7.1A are here! read more
Peter :
"Swiftec not only provides incredible functionality, but comes with a BIG 'helping hand' when you need it, making the creation of high quality tuned files very easy indeed. I have no hesitation in recommending Swiftec, it's the best package available ............ and getting better!"
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2012-04-04 Checksum update!

Checksum "Siemens Ford TDCi" v1.2 read more

2012-04-03 Checksum update!

Checksum "16/8Bits based" v1.6 read more

2012-03-23 Checksum update!

Checksum "Bosch Opel ME7.6.x/ME7.9.x" v1.9 read more

2012-03-21 Swiftec v1.8.7.3

Small but powerful update! read more

2012-03-19 Temic DSG v1.0

New checksum ready! read more

2012-03-14 Checksum update!

Checksum "Lucas FH12" v1.7 read more

2012-03-11 Checksum update!

Checksum "Siemens Ford TDCi 04" v1.2 read more

2012-03-10 Checksum update!

Checksum "Phoenix John Deere" v1.2 read more

2012-03-06 Checksum update!

Checksum "Mercedes Axor Euro5" v1.4 read more

2012-03-06 Swiftec v1.8.7.2

Porsche ME7.8 and Siemens Continental SDI 3/4 are now covered by our Unique automatical maps recognition module! read more

2012-03-02 Checksum update!

Checksum "IAW 4AF/59F/5AF Euro2-4" v1.7 read more

2012-02-21 Checksum update!

Checksum "Delphi Trucks" v1.1 read more

2012-02-21 Checksum update!

Checksum "Bosch VAG MED9" v1.6 read more

2012-02-20 Checksum update!

Checksum "Mercedes Axor Euro5" v1.3 read more

2012-02-18 Checksum update!

Checksum "Bosch Porsche ME 7.8" v1.4 read more

2012-02-17 Checksum update!

Checksum "Lucas FH12" v1.6 read more

2012-02-09 Checksum update!

Checksum "Siemens BMW MSS5x" v1.5 read more

2012-02-09 Checksum update!

Checksum "16/8Bits based" v1.5 read more

2012-01-27 Swiftec v1.8.7

New unique solutions with DPF Removal v2.0, MJ8D map recognitions and much more! read more

2012-01-26 Siemens SDI v1.0

New checksum ready! read more

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