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2019-09-16 - Swiftec v1.9.8.0
September Release! read more
2019-08-21 - Swiftec v1.9.7.9
Happy Summer Update! read more
2019-07-26 - Swiftec,,
MDG1 WEEK UPDATES! read more
2019-07-26 - Swiftec
Everything is about MDG1! read more
2019-07-25 - Swiftec
MDG1 NON STOP! read more
2019-07-24 - Swiftec
Unique and First in the World MDG1 solutions are already here! read more
2019-06-24 - Swiftec
GPF/OPF Removal module and much more! read more
Miguel (Mbpower):
"When I was about to buy Swiftec I had some doubts but since day one VCPowerTeam don't stop surprising me! More and more features constantly added, incredible support. Congratulations VCPowerTeam!"
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2013-09-05 Checksum Update!

Checksum "Bosch Smart CDI E3" v1.3 read more

2013-09-02 Swiftec v1.8.8.9

One more! read more

2013-08-27 Checksum Update!

Checksum "Bosch ME9" v1.4 read more

2013-08-26 New checksum ready!

Checksum "Delphi MT" v1.0 read more

2013-07-29 Swiftec v1.8.8.7


2013-07-25 Checksum Update!

Checksum "Bosch VAG ME7 F400/F800" v1.4 read more

2013-07-24 Checksum Update!

Checksum "Marelli MJD" v1.7 read more

2013-07-03 Checksum Update!

Checksum "Delphi Ford TDCi" v1.8 read more

2013-07-01 Swiftec

New version new modules! EGR and Speed Limiter Removal Modules, and much more! read more

2013-06-20 Checksum Update!

Checksum "TRW EMS2" v1.4 read more

2013-06-07 Checksum Update!

Checksum "Siemens BMW MS41/MS42" v1.9 read more

2013-06-07 Checksum Update!

Checksum "Bosch ME9" v1.3 read more

2013-05-31 Checksum Update!

Checksum "Bosch BMW TDS" v1.9 read more

2013-05-27 Checksum Update!

Checksum "Siemens BMW MS41/MS42" v1.8 read more

2013-04-23 Checksum Update!

Checksum "Sagem S2000/S3000" v1.3 read more

2013-04-03 Checksum Update!

Checksum "Siemens SID Ford/Peugeot/Volvo" v3.2 read more

2013-03-25 Swiftec v1.8.8.3

VAS Import Module, Lots of New DTC OFF additions and ... read more

2013-03-19 Checksum Update!

Checksum "Bosch EDC15 29F400" v1.4 read more

2013-03-15 Checksum Update!

Checksum "Bosch VAG MED9" v2.5 read more

2013-03-14 Checksum "Siemens VAG Simos" v1.0

New checksum ready! read more

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