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swiftec Version History

MAP list can be filtered by menu or invoke by "Ctrl+F"
Checksum Bosch VAG ME7.1.1 v1.0
Checksum Bosch ME7.5.20/30 v1.0
Improved 'Go MAP' from 2D
'Next map' context menu now works without damos or standart maps loaded
Edit dialog new value field can be used much more chars
Sometimes crash with edit/delete user defined maps
History of used float values for modifyng gets correct remember now
Reciprocal maps with converted formula values modifying works correct now
Tooltips shows correct converted formula values with reciprocal maps
Change by percentage with minus values works correct now


DAM format support
Editing is now possible over the converted formula values
Automatical saving filter with import A2L, DAM
Tooltips show converted formula values
Loading of SMF files is much faster now
Checksum Bosch BMW TDS v1.6: new correction algo
Opening from 2D highlighted maps with duplicated names was not possible
User maps was not autosaved with opening mod file from DB
Crashing when editing long name maps
Crashing when importing A2L with *nix format
Crashing when importing A2L with big size fields
TEMIC detected maps couldn't be selected
Offset values did not saved with import A2L


Copy to similar maps can be done by difference now
Database can be invoked by "Ctrl+D"
Database items can be deleted by "Del" keyboard button
Improved automatical checksum detection *BETA 2.0*
Switching between 2D and HEX mode can be invoked by "Insert" button
Search dialog can be invoked by "F7"
HEX mode change grid size dialog can be invoked by "F5"
MAP mode menu shows swap axis status
HEX mode automatical max grid height
Automatical focus to project DB list
Automatical selection last used value with absolute modification
Checksum Bosch BMW TDS v1.5: Crash on some files
Copy to similar maps by % was not correctly works for IEEE maps
Checksum settings was reset sometimes
Manual checksum settings was not applied without map loaded
Axis not 8bit modifying problem
Swapped axis modifying problem


Automatical checksum detection *BETA*
Siemens maps automatical detection
New ECU information detection module
Copy/paste functions on 2D has beed added
Automatical filling detected ECU information to project properties
Copy to similar maps can be done by % now
Created maps can use reciprocal values with formulas
Comment field has been added, it will show when select map in list
Message when project DB, user and standart maps have different checksum settings
Mark4 on 2D mode can be used with 'Alt' pressed
PageUp and PageDown can be used to scroll in the HEX mode now
Checksums settings can be done with project properites
Checksum Bosch Alfa MED7.6.1 v1.0
Checksum Bosch Fiat ME7.9.9 v1.0
Checksum Bosch SMART 2007 ME7.7 v1.0
Checksum Bosch PSA/Toyota M7.9.5 v1.0
Export files from DB show original imported file size
Count of similar maps was wrong show with old maps
Mark3 on 2D mode can be set with 'Ctrl' pressed
Checksum Bosch M3.x v1.1: New file support
Selected checksum with saving user map gets apply to current project
Saving to projects DB removed when cancel import on properties window stage
Crashing after cancel load map
Axis modify problem has beed fixed
Automatical saving user maps make it to wrong place
Checksum Bosch BMW TDS v1.4: Crash on some files
Checksum Bosch Bosch Volvo CR2 2003 v1.1: Crash on some files


Similar project loading checks now
Project properties can be invoked by Ctrl+I or by 'Project' menu
Progress window for long time operations has beed added
Now is possible to use duplication with all types of files
Project DB shows now additional fields(Old projects info gets updated in first use):
- checksum number used
- modified files count
- autodetected maps count
- user map used
Project and modified DB's windows can be resized
Project and modified DB's filter now gets remembered
Remember last used folders for original,modified,map files
Saving warning messages about problems with checksum calculation
Other Motorola format supports now
Opening 2nd copy of software do not show 'Monopoly access' warning message
Map list scrolling was partly shown
Exporting files from DB gets saving not to selected path
Maps was not correctly saving for future automatical load
Wrong modification with not correct detected ECU
Crashing sometimes with opening highlighted maps from 2D
Sorting maps works as before

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