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2022-11-22 - Swiftec Software
The BLACK FRIDAY Release read more
2022-09-15 - Swiftec
End of Summer Release! read more
2022-06-30 - Swiftec
Race of Portugal Release! read more
2022-04-13 - Swiftec
Easter brought an Eggcellent update! read more
2022-02-17 - Swiftec
New Release, New Solutions! read more
2021-12-21 - Swiftec
Full Electric and Hybrid READY! BMS/BPCM Recovery Module! read more
2021-11-09 - Swiftec
New update, new module, new solutions! read more
Arkadiusz :
"Swiftec is the best user friendly chiptuning program available. It offers you more functions than other programs. DPF off. OBD tuning protection. The database with projects is awesome. Everything made in a very intuitive way. Support is very fast."
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swiftec Version History

Project DB: Incorrect checksum message with no checksum installed has been fixed
Project DB: Crashing when load maps has been fixed


Automatical Map Detection: Motorola Perkins map type supported
HEX/MAP mode: Extended Copy by difference/percentage possible now
Project DB: Automatically filling brand, model, engine following imported file name
MAP Manager: Automatically filling saving map name with HW/SW numbers and CHK8
MAP mode: Map properites can be opened by mouse double click
2D mode: Highlighted maps can be opened by mouse double click
Project DB: Automatical detection format for Siemens F200/2001
Checksum 'Bosch PSG16' v1.1
Checksum 'Bosch PSG16': automatic recognition has been added
DPF Removal: New algorithms for VAG EDC16/EDC16+ 2.0 TDI
Automatical maps detection: Detection of factor and offset for Denso
Automatical maps detection: Detection improved for BMW EDC17
Automatical maps detection: Detection improved for New Temic Trucks
ECU Detection: Car brand on Siemens automatical detection
ECU Detection: Marelli automatical detection improved
DAM import: New format structures support has been added
Checksums module: Warning about wrong checksum with no loaded maps has been added
Checksums module: Warning about different checksum settings when load maps has been added
2D mode: Marks get cleared after used to create new MAP with Map Manager
2D mode: Selection size shows now based on Marks
2D/HEX/MAP mode: shortcut key('Shift' + '=') for 'Change by Edit' has been addded
2D/HEX/MAP mode: almost all actions can be invoked by shortcut keys
Checksum 'Ford EECV' v1.1: Automatical recognition
Checksum 'Ford TDCi' v1.1: Automatical recognition
Checksum 'Marelli MJD' v1.1: Support for new file sizes
Checksum 'Bosch Peugeot ME7' v1.2: Supports for 0x10000 file size
Checksum 'Bosch VAG ME7 v02' v1.6: RSA calcultation has been added
Checksum 'Delco Opel DTI' v1.2: New file type support
Checksum 'Ford EECV' v1.1: Optimized
Checksum 'Ford TDCi' v1.1: Optimized
Project DB: Export with bigger size has been fixed
Map manager: Getting values range for 32Bit and Float has been fixed
Project DB: Crashing when cancel checksums correction with load map has been fixed
2D mode: Possibility go over boundaries of file has been fixed
Checksum 'Bosch EDC16+' v2.0: RSA structure sometimes has wrong format
Checksum 'Bosch EDC16' v1.4: RSA structure sometimes has wrong format


Automatical maps detection: Bosch MSA1x 8bit maps supported
DPF Removal: Delphi DCM3.x support has been added
MAP/HEX mode: Gradient background depends of values
ECU Detection: Bosch PSG16 type automatical recognition
ECU Detection: Siemens SW gets automatically filled
ECU Detection: Visteon SW automatical recognition
ECU Detection: Now VAG part number on Siemens also automatically detected
Map Manager: Multiple user maps deletion possible
Checksum 'Bosch TDI v2' v1.0
ECU Detection: Marelli automatical detection improved
OBD reading protection: Additional check for Brand type has been added
Project DB: Also showing last modified file by date
2D mode: Faster scrolling with lot of maps present(slower on damos files mostly)
2D mode: X zoom improved
2D mode: Zero line can now be seen in 2D
DPF Removal: New algorithms for EDC16/17(Citroen, Ford, Jaguar, Honda, Mazda, Nissan, Peugeot, Renault, VAG, Volvo)
DPF Removal: Siemens algorithm greatly improved new erros data table found, regeneration fully stopped(PPD/SID)
DPF Removal: Different improvements and additional recognitions
DPF Removal: Errors for some car brands on dashboard also removed
DPF Removal: Serial eproms counters/filling added to database
DPF Removal: Iveco EDC16/EDC16+ has been added
Split 16bit: Splitted files saves into same folder as original
A2L import: Much more format structures support has been added
A2L import: 32-bit Floating point support has beed added
Checksum 'Delco Opel TDI' v1.1: Automatical recognition
Checksum 'Delco Opel TDI' v1.1: Supports for 0x80000 file size
Checksum 'Bosch Fiat ME7.9.x' v1.1: Supports for 0xE0000 file size
Checksum 'Opel Bosch ME7.6.2/3' v1.3: Support for ME7.6.3 has been added
Checksum 'Bosch EDC16+' v1.7: Dependings areas calculation has beed added
Checksum 'Delphi DCM' v1.2: Optimized correction algo
Checksum 'Lucas FH12' v1.3: Missed block now also gets calculated
Checksum 'Bosch TDI 2002' v1.2: Optimized
2D mode: Search Next function sometimes was not fully working
2D mode: Now keyboard arrow keys make always scrolling
MAP mode: Swap axis was not applied new axis settings
MAP mode: Switching to 2D error with drag'n'droped modified
User Interface: Minor fixes


ECU Detection: Siemens SID301 automatical detection
Search: now works HEX mode also
Automatical maps detection: Denso maps detection improved
Project DB: project creation time comes from local pc time now
DPF Removal: different improvements and additional recognitions
Checksum 'Bosch EDC16+': automatic recognition improved
Checksum 'Bosch EDC16': automatic recognition improved
Checksum 'Bosch Fiat E3 jtd': automatic recognition improved
Checksum 'Bosch Edc Plcc' v1.3: optimized
A2L import: Wrong map size detection if not equal MaxAxisPoints
Search: Wrong working with HEX values
DPF Removal: Marelli MJD was not detected


DPF Removal module: New *BETA* module!
DPF Removal module: Bosch EDC15, EDC16, EDC17 support has been added
DPF Removal module: Siemens SID, PPD support has been added
DPF Removal module: Marelli MJD support has been added
Automatical maps detection: Denso maps supported
Automatical maps detection: Siemens Rotax maps supported
ECU Detection: Denso automatical detection
ECU Detection: Siemens Rotax automatical detection
3D mode: switching between original and modified
2D mode: shortcut keys for previous(F1)/next(F2) differences has been addded
2D mode: go previous map function(F3) has been addded
MAP mode: last used view(normal,difference or percentage) gets remebered now
MAP Manager: deletion last usermap remove umap from DB
Checksum 'Bosch EDC16+' v1.5: RSA calculation algo improved
Checksum 'Bosch EDC16' v1.2: RSA calculation algo improved
Project DB: I/O error with read-only files
Checksum 'Bosch EDC16+' v1.4: areas detection algo corrected
Checksum 'Siemens SID Land Rover' v1.5: calculation algo corrected
Minor bugs are fixed

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