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2019-12-10 - SWIFTEC XMAS TIME!
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2019-11-26 - Swiftec
EVAP and Exhaust Flap Removal Modules are here! read more
2019-11-13 - STAGE 1 - 50% OFF
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2019-10-21 - Swiftec v1.9.8.2
Happy Halloween Release! read more
2019-09-16 - Swiftec v1.9.8.0
September Release! read more
2019-08-21 - Swiftec v1.9.7.9
Happy Summer Update! read more
2019-07-26 - Swiftec,,
MDG1 WEEK UPDATES! read more
Janne (Powerbyte):
"I use Swiftec everyday, and it is really really great. Support is also very good and works normally outside business hours too. Every update including some new functions and if you want to add something just tell and they do it. Keep up good work!"
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2010-08-17 Swiftec v1.7.8.5
Vacations over! New version with new features and improvements!

New Features

    Automatical map detection: Motorola Perkins map type supported
    HEX/MAP mode: Extended Copy by difference/percentage possible now
    Project DB: Automatically filling brand, model, engine following imported file name
    MAP Manager: Automatically filling saving map name with HW/SW numbers and CHK8
    MAP mode: Map properites can be opened by mouse double click
    2D mode: Highlighted maps can be opened by mouse double click
    Project DB: Automatical detection format for Siemens F200/2001
    Checksum 'Bosch PSG16' v1.1
    Checksum 'Bosch PSG16': automatic recognition has been added


    DPF Removal: New algorithms for VAG EDC16/EDC16+ 2.0 TDI
    Automatical maps detection: Detection of factor and offset for Denso
    Automatical maps detection: Detection improved for BMW EDC17
    Automatical maps detection: Detection improved for New Temic Trucks
    ECU Detection: Car brand on Siemens automatical detection
    ECU Detection: Marelli automatical detection improved
    DAM import: New format structures support has been added
    Checksums module: Warning about wrong checksum with no loaded maps has been added
    Checksums module: Warning about different checksum settings when load maps has been added
    2D mode: Marks get cleared after used to create new MAP with Map Manager
    2D mode: Selection size shows now based on Marks
    2D/HEX/MAP mode: shortcut key('Shift' + '=') for 'Change by Edit' has been addded
    2D/HEX/MAP mode: almost all actions can be invoked by shortcut keys
    Checksum 'Ford EECV' v1.1: Automatical recognition
    Checksum 'Ford TDCi' v1.1: Automatical recognition
    Checksum 'Marelli MJD' v1.1: Support for new file sizes
    Checksum 'Bosch Peugeot ME7' v1.2: Support for 0x10000 file sizes
    Checksum 'Bosch VAG ME7 v02' v1.6: RSA calcultation has been added
    Checksum 'Delco Opel DTI' v1.2: New file type support
    Checksum 'Ford EECV' v1.1: Optimized
    Checksum 'Ford TDCi' v1.1: Optimized


    Project DB: Export with bigger size has been fixed
    Map manager: Getting values range for 32Bit and Float has been fixed
    Project DB: Crashing when cancel checksums correction with load map has been fixed
    2D mode: Possibility go over boundaries of file has been fixed
    Checksum 'Bosch EDC16+' v2.0: RSA structure sometimes has wrong format
    Checksum 'Bosch EDC16' v1.4: RSA structure sometimes has wrong format
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