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Miguel (Mbpower):
"When I was about to buy Swiftec I had some doubts but since day one don't stop surprising me! More and more features constantly added, incredible support. Congratulations Swiftec!"
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2010-08-17 Swiftec v1.7.8.5
Vacations over! New version with new features and improvements!

New Features

    Automatical map detection: Motorola Perkins map type supported
    HEX/MAP mode: Extended Copy by difference/percentage possible now
    Project DB: Automatically filling brand, model, engine following imported file name
    MAP Manager: Automatically filling saving map name with HW/SW numbers and CHK8
    MAP mode: Map properites can be opened by mouse double click
    2D mode: Highlighted maps can be opened by mouse double click
    Project DB: Automatical detection format for Siemens F200/2001
    Checksum 'Bosch PSG16' v1.1
    Checksum 'Bosch PSG16': automatic recognition has been added


    DPF Removal: New algorithms for VAG EDC16/EDC16+ 2.0 TDI
    Automatical maps detection: Detection of factor and offset for Denso
    Automatical maps detection: Detection improved for BMW EDC17
    Automatical maps detection: Detection improved for New Temic Trucks
    ECU Detection: Car brand on Siemens automatical detection
    ECU Detection: Marelli automatical detection improved
    DAM import: New format structures support has been added
    Checksums module: Warning about wrong checksum with no loaded maps has been added
    Checksums module: Warning about different checksum settings when load maps has been added
    2D mode: Marks get cleared after used to create new MAP with Map Manager
    2D mode: Selection size shows now based on Marks
    2D/HEX/MAP mode: shortcut key('Shift' + '=') for 'Change by Edit' has been addded
    2D/HEX/MAP mode: almost all actions can be invoked by shortcut keys
    Checksum 'Ford EECV' v1.1: Automatical recognition
    Checksum 'Ford TDCi' v1.1: Automatical recognition
    Checksum 'Marelli MJD' v1.1: Support for new file sizes
    Checksum 'Bosch Peugeot ME7' v1.2: Support for 0x10000 file sizes
    Checksum 'Bosch VAG ME7 v02' v1.6: RSA calcultation has been added
    Checksum 'Delco Opel DTI' v1.2: New file type support
    Checksum 'Ford EECV' v1.1: Optimized
    Checksum 'Ford TDCi' v1.1: Optimized


    Project DB: Export with bigger size has been fixed
    Map manager: Getting values range for 32Bit and Float has been fixed
    Project DB: Crashing when cancel checksums correction with load map has been fixed
    2D mode: Possibility go over boundaries of file has been fixed
    Checksum 'Bosch EDC16+' v2.0: RSA structure sometimes has wrong format
    Checksum 'Bosch EDC16' v1.4: RSA structure sometimes has wrong format
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