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2010-07-12 Swiftec v1.7.8.4
Bosch MSA1x 8bit autodetection maps, Global update for DPF removal module!

New Features

    Automatical maps detection: Bosch MSA1x 8bit maps supported (unique in World) (movie)
    DPF Removal: Delphi DCM3.x support has been added
    MAP/HEX mode: Gradient background depends of values
    ECU Detection: Bosch PSG16 type automatical recognition
    ECU Detection: Siemens SW gets automatically filled
    ECU Detection: Visteon SW automatical recognition
    ECU Detection: Now VAG part number on Siemens also automatically detected
    Map Manager: Multiple user maps deletion possible
    Checksum 'Bosch TDI v2' v1.0


    ECU Detection: Marelli automatical detection improved
    OBD reading protection: Additional check for Brand type has been added
    Project DB: Also showing last modified file by date
    2D view: Faster scrolling with lot of maps present(slower on damos files mostly)
    2D view: X zoom improved
    2D view: Zero line can now be seen in 2D
    DPF Removal: New algorithms for EDC16/17(Citroen, Ford, Jaguar,
            Honda, Mazda, Nissan, Peugeot,  Renault, VAG, Volvo)
    DPF Removal: Siemens algorithm greatly improved new erros data table found,
            regeneration fully stopped(PPD/SID)
    DPF Removal: Different improvements and additional recognitions
    DPF Removal: Errors for some car brands on dashboard also removed
    DPF Removal: Serial eproms counters/filling added to database
    DPF Removal: Iveco EDC16/EDC16+ has been added
    Split 16bit: Splitted files saves into same folder as original
    A2L import: Much more format structures support has been added
    A2L import: 32-bit Floating point support has beed added
    Checksum 'Delco Opel TDI' v1.1: Automatical recognition
    Checksum 'Delco Opel TDI' v1.1: Support for 0x80000 file sizes
    Checksum 'Bosch Fiat ME7.9.x' v1.1: Support for 0xE0000 file sizes
    Checksum 'Opel Bosch ME7.6.2/3' v1.3: Support for ME7.6.3 has been added
    Checksum 'Bosch EDC16+' v1.7: Dependings areas calculation has beed added
    Checksum 'Delphi DCM MB' v1.2: Optimized correction algo
    Checksum 'Lucas FH12' v1.3: Missed block now also gets calculated
    Checksum 'Bosch TDI 2002' v1.2: Optimized
    2D mode: Search Next function sometimes was not fully working


    2D mode: Now keyboard arrow keys make always scrolling
    MAP mode: Swap axis was not applied new axis settings
    MAP mode: Switching to 2D error with drag'n'droped modified
    User Interface: Minor fixes

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