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Miguel (Mbpower):
"When I was about to buy Swiftec I had some doubts but since day one don't stop surprising me! More and more features constantly added, incredible support. Congratulations Swiftec!"
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2010-01-16 Swiftec v1.7.5.1 Major release!
3D mode, OBD reading protection, 32-bit Floating point support, new ECU maps automatically detection and more...

3D mode: New 3D module Ready! (video or screenshots )
OBD reading protection: New BETA module! (see on screenshots )
OBD reading protection: MED9 support has been added
2D/HEX/MAP mode: 32-bit Floating point Motorola/IEEE datatype
Automatical maps detection: 32 bits floating point maps supported
Automatical maps detection: Unique in World!! Motorola MEMS NNN (LAND ROVERS,MG,ETC..)
(see on screenshots )
ECU Detection: Visteon ECU automatical recognition
ECU Detection: Motorola MEMS NNN ECU automatical recognition
ECU Detection: VAG Bosch part number detection has beed added
(see on screenshots )
2D mode: Axis get highlighted also
MapManager: step setting for axis
Project DB: Similar projects detection works for modified files in DB also
Project DB: ECU part number can be edited in project properties
Project DB: ECU type can be selected in project properties
Checksum 'Siemens Merc MS42': automatical recognition
Checksum 'Opel Simtec56': automatical recognition
Checksum 'Siemens SIM4KLE': automatical recognition
Checksum 'Bosch VAG MED9': automatical recognition
Windows 7 fully compatible
A2L import: support of empty map names
DAM import: support of *nix format files
IntelHex import: support of *nix format files
Project DB: User input control with filter values
Checksum 'Bosch Edc Plcc' v1.2: supports files with 31Kb size
Checksum 'Bosch Tdi v02' v1.1: optimized
Crash when saving modified with wrong path last saved mod



Pic.1. 3D mode original/modified without filled surfaces and grids on back
Pic.2. 3D mode original/modified with filled surfaces and without grids on back
Pic.3. 3D mode original/modified with filled surfaces and grids on back
Pic.4. 3D mode original with filled surfaces and grids on back
Pic.5. Swiftec detects MED9 and ask to protect it from OBD reading Pic.6. Finished OBD reading protection procedure
 Pic.7. Automatically MEMS NNN ECU detection Pic.8. Swiftec automatically detects MEMS NNN maps
  Pic.9. MEMS NNN automatically detected maps get highlighted also on 2D    Pic.10. New fields(ECU Type, Part Number) can be filled with project properties
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