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Janne (Powerbyte):
"I use Swiftec everyday, and it is really really great. Support is also very good and works normally outside business hours too. Every update including some new functions and if you want to add something just tell and they do it. Keep up good work!"
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2009-10-15 Swiftec v1.7.4 - Online and ready for download
New features, many bug and checksum fixes

New Features

    Export original from DB gets saved with Swiftec's filename format
    New toolbar buttons 'Filter maps', 'Project properties' has been added
    2D view: maps can be filtered by invoke 'Ctrl-F'


    A2L import: support one more byte-order type
    Copy to similar maps: changed modification algorithm
    Maps listing: remember resized size
    Project DB: remember resized size
    Project DB: modify DB remember selected position
    HEX view: remember grid size when minimized
    2D view: Zero values now shows as line also
    2D X-zoom: changed algorithm min-max value calculation
    2D search, difference: shows found values at middle of screen
    Checksum 'Opel Simtec56' v1.1: new file type support
    Checksum 'Bosch VAG MED9' v1.3: RSA calculation algo optimized
    Checksum 'Volvo V70 F400/F800' v1.1: optimized block detection algo
    Checksum 'Bosch EDC15 29F400' v1.1: optimized
    Checksum 'Siemens HDI' v1.1: optimized
    Checksum 'Bosch EDC15 F400/F800 v2' v1.1: optimized
    Checksum 'Bosch EDC16' v1.1: optimized
    Checksum 'Opel Bosch ME7.6.2' v1.2: optimized
    Checksum 'Bosch VW 115cv' v1.1: optimized
    Checksum 'Bosch BMW MS42' v1.1: optimized
    Checksum 'Bosch Nissan TDDI' v1.1: optimized
    Checksum 'Volvo FH12 DIL' v1.2: optimized
    Checksum 'Bosch Merc 1meg' v1.2: optimized
    Checksum 'Bosch Alfa CR' v1.1: optimized
    Checksum 'Bosch BMW CR' v1.2: optimized
    Checksum 'Siemens 5WS PEU/FORD' v1.2: optimized
    Checksum 'Siemens 5WS Rover SID8' v1.3: optimized
    Checksum 'Siemens Bmw MS45' v1.1: optimized


    Checksum 'Mercedes Actros F200' v2.0: Crash on some type of files
    Map filter: autosearch maps was not filtered
    Map view: drag'n'drop modified works ok now
    Map manager: correctly shows big map names
    Crashing with selection some autosearch maps
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