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2015-09-23 Swiftec
Toyota / Lexus with Denso supported now! Maps, DTC, DPF, EGR and Checksum!

As you may know already, it's now possible to read and write Toyota and Lexus with Denso ECU based on NEC 76F00xx MCU. It's completly new area for all tuning community, one of the most awaited steps it's finally done! It have really different maps layout  with other common ECU procedures, so all of existing popular tuning softwares were catched by surprise, including Swiftec... UNTIL NOW!


After receiving some files from our costumers, we immediatly started researching it and we are now  happy to present you new update of Swiftec with complety automatical support for Toyota / Lexus with Denso ECU based on NEC 76F00xx MCU!


So what have we made?


- Updated Main Module and Map Manager to be able correctly shows this kind of maps!


- Updated ECU Information Detection Module, it detects now ECU Type, ECU SW and HW numbers!


- Automatical Maps Detection Module was updated also, it works like a train! and is able to find (depending on read type), between 300-1000 maps! This is unique feature in world for Toyota Denso ECUs.


- Next Step was Automatical Map Recognition Module, based on detected maps, Swiftec finds and names the most important for tune maps including axis, if some maps are skipped, you can always contact our support to help and find it, or can try find it yourself, with Swiftec Maps Detections Module it becomes very easy to find needed maps! But in 90% of usage costumers will not need wait for map packs, just load file to Swiftec and get automatic map packs!


- DTC Removal Module sure also support it!


- We have added DPF Removal solution for it, and like usually it's not need to find and correct any maps or switches, Swiftec will do it automatically with one click!


- We did not forgot to add also EGR Removal solution for it, and like usually it's not need to find and correct some maps or switches also, Swiftec will do it automatically with one click!


- We also developed checksum for it, that covers all existing types of read in market : 368KB, 498KB, 736KB, 738KB, 992KB and 994KB.This checksum module was released yesterday!


All this updates were tested and checked on 2.0d, 2.2d, 2.5d, 3.0d and 4.5d engines, but if you have other type, we will be happy to add support of it to Swiftec!


As always we would like to thanks all costumers that helped us a lot in preparing this nice release, our thanks goes to VF2 team and Aleksej!


Good news, but not news really - sure update is free for our customers who have active subscription!

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