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2020-06-02 - Swiftec
Citroen and Peugeot with Delphi DCM7.1A are here! read more
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2020-04-06 - Swiftec
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EVAP and Exhaust Flap Removal Modules are here! read more
Peter :
"Swiftec not only provides incredible functionality, but comes with a BIG 'helping hand' when you need it, making the creation of high quality tuned files very easy indeed. I have no hesitation in recommending Swiftec, it's the best package available ............ and getting better!"
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2009-06-15 Swiftec v1.7.1.0
New version, New features, New improvements and some bugfixes

New features, improvements and bug fixes:

New Features

    Copy to similar maps can be done by difference now
    Database can be invoked by "Ctrl+D"
    Database items can be deleted by "Del" keyboard button


    Improved automatical checksum detection *BETA 2.0*
    Switching between 2D and HEX mode can be invoked by "Insert" button
    Search dialog can be invoked by "F7"
    HEX mode change grid size dialog can be invoked by "F5"
    MAP mode menu shows swap axis status
    HEX mode automatical max grid height
    Automatical focus to project DB list
    Automatical selection last used value with absolute modification


    Checksum Bosch BMW TDS v1.5: Crash on some files
    Copy to similar maps by % was not correctly works for IEEE maps
    Checksum settings was reset sometimes
    Manual checksum settings was not applied without map loaded
    Axis not 8bit modifying problem
    Swapped axis modifying problem

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