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2020-06-02 - Swiftec
Citroen and Peugeot with Delphi DCM7.1A are here! read more
2020-05-04 - Swiftec
New update, new solutions, new features! read more
2020-04-06 - Swiftec
Easter Release! Easter Discounts! read more
2020-03-03 - Swiftec
SAP Removal Module is here! read more
2020-01-28 - Swiftec
New Burbles and many other solutions waiting for you! read more
2019-12-23 - Swiftec
Hohoho! Christmas and New Year Release! read more
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2015-02-26 Checksum Update!
Checksum "Bosch M3.X" v2.0

Support for 64KB files of Opel with Bosch M2.8.1 has been added. (Thanks Vesa)
Calculation algorithm for BMW with Bosch M5.2 and M5.2.1 has been fixed. (Thanks Martin)

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