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2009-06-02 Swiftec v1.7
Siemens maps automatic recognition, coments field, automatic checksum recognition etc...

 Many features added and bugs fixed:

New Features

    Automatical checksum detection *BETA* (see movie)
    Siemens maps automatical detection (see movie)
    New ECU information detection module
    Copy/paste functions on 2D has beed added
    Automatical filling detected ECU information to project properties
    Copy to similar maps can be done by % now
    Created maps can use reciprocal values with formulas
    Comment field has been added, it will show when select map in list (see movie)
    Message when project DB, user and standart maps have different checksum settings
    Mark4 on 2D mode can be used with 'Alt' pressed
    PageUp and PageDown can be used to scroll in the HEX mode now
    Checksums settings can be done with project properites
    Checksum Bosch Alfa MED7.6.1 v1.0
    Checksum Bosch Fiat ME7.9.9 v1.0
    Checksum Bosch SMART 2007 ME7.7 v1.0
    Checksum Bosch PSA/Toyota M7.9.5 v1.0


    Export files from DB show original imported file size
    Count of similar maps was wrong show with old maps
    Mark3 on 2D mode can be set with 'Ctrl' pressed
    Checksum Bosch M3.x v1.1: New file support
    Selected checksum with saving user map gets apply to current project
    Saving to projects DB removed when cancel import on properties window stage


    Crashing after cancel load map
    Axis modify problem has beed fixed
    Automatical saving user maps make it to wrong place
    Checksum Bosch BMW TDS v1.4: Crash on some files
    Checksum Bosch Bosch Volvo CR2 v1.1: Crash on some files
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