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2009-02-17 Swiftec v1.6
EDC17 autosearch, Damos import, 32bit IEEE/Motorola support and many new features!

New version and like usually, new features and improvements!

New Features

    EDC17 autosearch map detection
    Damos support   
    32-bit IEEE/Motorola support
    Creation of maps is now easier with new Mark3 algo (M1-Data,M2-XAxis,M3-YAxis)
    Automaticy change grid's width cells in tabelar mode
    Type, name and size of maps are showed in 2D view mode
    Resizing of files can be done by offset now
    Loaded maps now get highlighted in 2D view mode
    Loaded maps can  be opened now directly from 2D mode


    Increased scrolling speed of highlighting maps in 2D mode
    Users's maps now saving to correct path
    Import Intel HEX files supports ext. segments now
    Import Intel HEX files supports comments now
    Checksum Bosch Peugeot ME7 v1.1
    Checksum Bosch PSA M7.4.5 v1.1
    Checksum Siemens Renault 29F200/29F400 v1.1
    Checksum Siemens PPD v1.0
    Checksum Citroen / Peugeot tdi v1.4


    Big size Intel HEX files wrong imported
    I/O error when working with files protected by ReadOnly attribute
    Search/Replace wrong working with 16-bit and 16-bit IEEE
    X-zoom problem when switching from 2D to other mode and back again
    Crashing when copying to similar with user's maps
    Crashing when open maps without having checksum
    Minor bugs are fixed

In the example below is possible to check how opening of damos files is working on Swiftec.... For this example we used the newest MED17 Damos file.

Its now also possible for our costumers to have access to all information contained on a damos file via our database....

MED17, EDC17, SID80x/20x, Siemens PPD, EDC15V, MSD80, MED9, DDE3.0, DDE4.0, DDE5.0, DDE6.0, Delphi DCM, Nippondenso, ME7, Sagem, Saab . etc...

This map files are called (in Swiftec terminology) of SMF files (Super Map Files) and they will contain same info as the damos listed above and they will slowly become available in our database, this is very important information that, one more time ,VCpowerteam puts available only for their Swiftec costumers...


Small example of damos usage :


Pic.1. Select type of imported file - Intel HEXPic.2. Select file
Pic.3. Properties window Pic.4. Select damos to import
Pic.5. Swiftec automatical detects damos, maps and offsetPic.6. Finished damos import message
 Pic.7. Show first damos map Pic.8. Damos maps highlighting with 2D mode
  Pic.9. Damos map opened with Map manager 
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