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Miguel (Mbpower):
"When I was about to buy Swiftec I had some doubts but since day one don't stop surprising me! More and more features constantly added, incredible support. Congratulations Swiftec!"
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2008-07-06 Swiftec 1.4 released
New usefull and very powerfull Map manager now included and free, new checksums and much more features!

We do not stop!!

Like usually lots of features added:

Windows Vista supported now!
*HOT* Fullfunctional MAPManager done! Use it to make own powerfull maps packs!
New checksum 'Delphi DCM Mercedes-Benz'!
New checksum 'Siemens Mercedes SIM LSE 29F800'!
New checksum 'Peugeot IAW 6LP'!
New checksum 'Bosch PSA M7.4.5'!
New checksum 'Bosch M3.X'!
When open project or mod from DB, automatical loads last used map with this project
Copy/Paste in MAP/HEX mode with standart keys now is supported
Languages loads only for correct version of software
Export/import size values in Format dialog now is in bytes
Now with 16bit mode, when select impar address its automatical go par address before
Load map algo changed a bit
Checksum 'Audi ME7 2002' improved
Checksum 'Bosch Opel ME1.5.5' works more stable
Checksum 'Audi ME7 2001' complete recoded and supports now more types
Checksum 'Bosch MS 6.1 - 6.2' loads faster
Checksum 'Siemens 5WS Land Rover - SID803A MPC562/563' loads faster
More Bosch ECU autodetection added
8bit signed values now can be showed
Saving changing to bigger size file bug fixed now
Fixed problems with scrolling and editing of big maps
Projects with impar file lenght now works correct
Split 16bit files now saving with correct extentions
Fixed 2d mode problem when size of windows above 1024x768
Fixed global bug with checksums like 'Audi ME7 2002'
Minor bugs fixed

Here's small tutorial how to use Map Manager:

Pic.1. Mark with cursor begining of map and choose new map optionPic.2. Swiftec gets begining adress from previous maked place and opens map configuration widow
Pic.3. Mark desired begining of one axis Pic.4. Mark desired begining of the other axis
Pic.5. Put all this info directly using  the new map manager window and click savePic.6. You wil get new map build !!!

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