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2019-12-23 - Swiftec
Hohoho! Christmas and New Year Release! read more
2019-11-26 - Swiftec
EVAP and Exhaust Flap Removal Modules are here! read more
2019-10-21 - Swiftec v1.9.8.2
Happy Halloween Release! read more
2019-09-16 - Swiftec v1.9.8.0
September Release! read more
2019-08-21 - Swiftec v1.9.7.9
Happy Summer Update! read more
2019-07-26 - Swiftec,,
MDG1 WEEK UPDATES! read more
2019-07-26 - Swiftec
Everything is about MDG1! read more
Peter :
"Swiftec not only provides incredible functionality, but comes with a BIG 'helping hand' when you need it, making the creation of high quality tuned files very easy indeed. I have no hesitation in recommending Swiftec, it's the best package available ............ and getting better!"
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2007-08-31 SwifTec V1.1.0.8 Release
Temic and Delphi Autosearch and much more!!!


- Autosearch v1.2 release with Delphi and Temic support.
- Checksums 'Siemens Rover' v1.1 released: now it supports files with 64kb size.
- Now Help menu its available in any window so costumers can easy click and access our database
- It is now possible to increase the X zoom percentage view , only have to double click and choose the number of bytes seen per page.
- Drag&Drop technology, drag a file to SwifTec main window and now it will be recognized as original eprom Drag another file over the the one before and this file will be recognized as modified file.
- SwifTec have now available a more detailed and user friendly search function for costumers, now you can search Dec/Hex/Text, choose were to look ( ori / mod file) start in the desired offset and many more features 
- Swiftec now supports up to 32MB files so it is possible to use files from Opel diagnostic tool and calculate there checksum
- Its now possible to browse auto searched maps without have a map loaded.
- Disabled parity file length checking.

Bug fixes:

- Fixed bug with checksum #38, now it works correct.
- Fixed bug with show RPM Limiter.
- Small bugs fixed.

Also we put here some pictures of new version autosearch with support Delphi and Temic:

 Delphi in map mode Message with the number of detected maps on Delphi original
  Pic.1. Delphi in map mode  Pic.2. Message with the number of detected maps on Delphi original
 Delphi map in 2d mode Message with detected maps on Temic original
  Pic.3. Delphi map in 2d mode  Pic.4. Message with detected maps on Temic original
 Temic map in 2d mode Temic in map mode
  Pic.5. Temic map in 2d mode  Pic.6. Temic in map mode

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