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2019-11-26 - Swiftec
EVAP and Exhaust Flap Removal Modules are here! read more
2019-11-13 - STAGE 1 - 50% OFF
Improve your bussines even more! read more
2019-10-21 - Swiftec v1.9.8.2
Happy Halloween Release! read more
2019-09-16 - Swiftec v1.9.8.0
September Release! read more
2019-08-21 - Swiftec v1.9.7.9
Happy Summer Update! read more
2019-07-26 - Swiftec,,
MDG1 WEEK UPDATES! read more
Janne (Powerbyte):
"I use Swiftec everyday, and it is really really great. Support is also very good and works normally outside business hours too. Every update including some new functions and if you want to add something just tell and they do it. Keep up good work!"
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2007-06-14 New plug-in coming soon!
Autosearch plug-in finising last testings and will be released in few days
Dear customers and visitors,

As we told you before in previous announcements, Autosearch plug-in will be released in few days,  we are currently performing final tests , please check the print screens below

 Message detected maps countColored 2d-mode with detected maps 
 Pic.1. Message with the number of detected maps Pic.2. Detected maps get different colors for easier recognition
 Easy way go to Map-modeShow selected map on 2d-mode and big list detected maps 
 Pic.3. Just click right button to open map Pic.4. Long list of detected maps
 Also it show standart maps 
 Pic.5. Of course for inexperienced users we still have standard maps 

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