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2018-12-14 - Swiftec - XMAS Release!
BMW with Bosch MD1 and MG1 are on FOCUS! read more
BLACK FRIDAY, CYBER MONDAY and XMAS Special discount read more
2018-11-12 - Swiftec - Massive release!
Readiness Calibration Module and much more! read more
2018-09-19 - Swiftec
New update is here! read more
2018-08-07 - Swiftec - BMW MD1 / MG1 are ready!
Exclusive solutions for latest generations of BMW ECUs are already here! read more
2018-06-22 - Swiftec
Happy Summer Update! read more
2018-05-10 - Swiftec
New Sport Displays Calibration module is here! read more
Alfonso :
"I love your software and your support, I greatly appreciate all your updates. You guys are simply perfect, good service, good updates, you are an example as very good company. I wish I knew you before. Keep the good work."
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2014-01-22 Checksum Update!

Checksum "Hitachi" v1.1 read more

2014-01-22 Checksum Update!

Checksum "Siemens SID Nissan/Renault" v2.2 read more

2014-01-21 Swiftec v1.8.9.7

EDC15 is now supported by DTC Module! read more

2014-01-21 Checksum Update!

Checksum "Bosch EDC16+" v3.3 read more

2014-01-15 New checksum ready!

Checksum "Hitachi" v1.0 read more

2013-12-18 Swiftec v1.8.9.6

Happy Christmas and New Year to all our costumers! read more

2013-12-16 Checksum Update!

Checksum "Siemens SID Nissan/Renault" v2.1 read more

2013-12-09 Checksum Update!

Checksum "IAW 4AF/59F/5AF Euro2-4" v1.9 read more

2013-12-03 Checksum Update!

Checksum "Marelli 6LP" v1.8 read more

2013-12-03 Checksum Update!

Checksum "Siemens VAG Simos" v1.2 read more

2013-12-02 Swiftec v1.8.9.5

Continuous Work! read more

2013-11-29 Checksum Update!

Checksum "Bosch Smart CDI E3" v1.4 read more

2013-11-26 Checksum Update!

Checksum "EFI Lotus" v1.3 read more

2013-11-26 Checksum Update!

"Siemens VAG Simos" v1.1 read more

2013-11-18 Checksum Update!

Checksum "Marelli MJD" v2.0 read more

2013-11-15 Checksum Update!

Checksum "Bosch BMW ME7" v1.3 read more

2013-11-07 Checksum Update!

Checksum "Bosch Opel ME7.6.x/ME7.9.x" v2.3 read more

2013-11-06 Checksum Update!

Checksum "Marelli MJD" v1.9 read more

2013-10-23 Checksum Update!

Checksum "Bosch Volvo CR2" v1.3 read more

2013-10-21 Checksum Update!

Checksum "Siemens MS43" v1.4 read more

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